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The Lotus Journal

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About the Lotus Journal

In 2022, Keyla Kirton took a powerful step on her journey as a mental health advocate. She delivered a Ted Talk titled "Parenting a Teen with Depression," sharing her family's deeply personal experience and the lessons they learned in their unwavering support for their children.

One crucial revelation during this challenging season was the importance of truly listening to our children. As parents, it's easy to offer advice and guidance, but the act of genuine listening can be transformational. Keyla's story reminds us that sometimes, the most meaningful support we can provide is a compassionate ear.

During counseling sessions, therapists introduced the concept of thought processing to Keyla and her family, urging them to practice it at home. Keyla went above and beyond to make this technique accessible to her children, trying various methods like Google forms and homepage links on their electronic devices. However, it was her daughter's candid remark that sparked the idea for something more impactful—an accessible and engaging resource.

As a passionate advocate for mental health, Keyla was always fascinated by the power of thought processing. She discovered that the most effective, transformative moments during therapy sessions with her children were when they delved into their thoughts, asked probing questions, and answered them honestly. These sessions led to course corrections and a roadmap for handling thoughts in a healthier, more constructive way.


Keyla Kirton's hope is that The Lotus Journal will become your companion on your journey to improved mental wellness. She wants you to know that there are countless individuals like her, who deeply care about your well-being and are rooting for your positive resilience against any form of mental illness.

Lotus Journal Pages

The Lotus Journal is a tool that helps individuals identify, challenge, and change unhelpful or negative thought patterns. It's a valuable resource for improving mental wellness and managing issues like anxiety, depression, and stress. 

Gratitude Pages

After completing your thought journal questions, fill your day with gratitude and positivity by answering the gratitude questions by listing 3 small things you appreciate, noting a positive affirmation.

Suicide & Mental Health Hotline Information

Each book contains a list of resources for mental health support for teens, veterans, LGBTQIA+, and more, including the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). 

This journal is not intended to replace therapy, but to support mental health and your journey with a therapist.

Create Space

We've added bulleted-styled journal pages for your creativity to flow. Studies show that creativity is closely connected to positive mental and emotional health! 

If your organization is interested in hosting a mental health-related event or presentation, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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